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Your Day in the Metuchen Municipal Court

The Metuchen Municipal Court is located at 500 Main Street, Metuchen, New Jersey 08840 and has jurisdiction over all motor vehicle, ordinance, disorderly persons and petty disorderly persons offenses occurring in the Borough of Metuchen. The Presiding Judge is the Honorable James Hoebich, P.J.M.C. and the Prosecutor is John E. Kawczynski, Esq. Court is held every Wednesday at 5:15 pm and Friday at 11:15 am. Court staff promptly checks in litigants at the window that is down the hallway to the right after you enter the building. You will then be sent into the courtroom and be instructed when to go out to see the prosecutor. The prosecutor is usually willing to offer a plea, whereby the consequences and penalties associated with your offense are lessened, such as a reduction in points, fines or suspension. If you are not able to resolve your matter it will proceed to trial, usually on a new date. More information about the Metuchen Municipal Court can be found here.

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